We were contacted by the personal representative to the estate of Mr G, who sadly passed away from mesothelioma on 10th May 2006.

Mr G was regularly exposed to asbestos when working for East Kirkby Engineering Co Limited in Lincolnshire between 1964 and 1996. We were contacted after Mr G’s death and therefore needed to obtain evidence relating to his past exposure to asbestos from a colleague who worked alongside Mr G for 6 years during the 1980’s.

Both were employed as heating engineers and the witness confirmed that the Mr G would have regular cause to clean out flues, stand on lagging which covered calorifiers and also had to regularly chip off asbestos lagging as part of their duties in order to attend to leak repairs and other problems.

We successfully recovered £105,000.00 from the East Kirkby Engineering Co Limited’s insurers for the deceased’s widow. This case is another example of how it is possible to succeed in a claim for asbestos disease compensation without a statement from the person who sadly passed away from a compensatable condition. Providing the deceased spoke with family members about his exposure or even better still, if statements can be obtained from their former work colleagues, then claims of this type can be successful.

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