We are pleased to advise that we have recently been successful in a pleural thickening claim for Mr B.

Asbestos exposure

In approximately 1962/63 Mr B joined Darlington Insulation Co Limited, now known as Cape Darlington Limited. He was based at the West Thurrock Power Station where he was employed by the company as a scaffolder. This was a brand new power station under construction.

Evidence we obtained in support of the pleural thickening claim referred to Mr B working very closely with the pipe laggers as they were putting fresh asbestos lagging on to the pipework. The pipework ran all over the power station and Mr. B’s job was to put up the scaffolding for the laggers. Whilst he was on the scaffolding the laggers would bring fresh bags of asbestos powder up onto the scaffolding ready to be mixed. They then put the asbestos into a bucket before mixing it with water. The asbestos dust would fly everywhere.

As he worked in close proximity to the laggers, Mr B could not avoid breathing in the harmful asbestos dust and fibres. It was alleged in the pleural thickening claim that this was very heavy exposure to asbestos which would be found to be negligent and in breach of statutory duty.

1965/66 to 1966/67 approximately

In approximately 1965/66, Mr B then got a job with Kier Limited, now known as J.L. Kier & Company (London) Limited. He was employed as a scaffolder where he worked at Kings North Power Station, specifically at number 1 boiler. This was a very large area, very much like a big shed. Kier was the main contractor and they had employed a lagging company that provided the lagging services. Mr B was employed to put up the scaffolding for the laggers and other maintenance workers including construction workers and brick workers.

Mr B described that on most days he was in close proximity to the laggers as he worked. The laggers were applying fresh asbestos lagging onto the pipework. Whilst Mr B was on the scaffolding, the laggers brought fresh bags of asbestos powder up onto the scaffolding ready to be mixed. Again the asbestos dust would fly everywhere and he could not help but breathe it in.

Medical Evidence

A medical report was obtained from a well-regarded Consultant Respiratory Physician in support of Mr B’s claim for pleural thickening compensation. The report also confirmed that there was a small risk he would develop further problems in the future, as a result of his past history of exposure to asbestos. In the circumstances, the pleural thickening claim was settled on a provisional damages basis which gives Mr B peace of mind in knowing that he can return to claim further asbestos disease compensation if his condition deteriorates in the future.

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