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Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme success in 31 days

At Asbestos Justice, we are delighted to report that we have recently succeeded in a Diffuse Mesothelioma Payments Scheme (DMPS) application for Mr B who was sadly diagnosed with the incurable asbestos-related cancer in July […]

Posted on 28th November 2019 Read More >

Distance is no barrier to justice in South African mesothelioma claim

Asbestos Justice are pleased to report that we have succeeded in recovering a high sum of mesothelioma compensation for Mrs C who sadly lost her husband to the incurable asbestos-related cancer on 22nd March 2018. […]

Posted on 08th October 2019 Read More >

Asbestos-related lung cancer claim success

We have recently succeeded in recovering asbestos-related lung cancer compensation for Mr C who sadly lost his father to the disease as a result of his heavy history of exposure in the workplace. Exposure to […]

Posted on 01st October 2019 Read More >

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Diffuse Mesothelioma Payments Scheme success

The much needed Diffuse Mesothelioma Payments Scheme (DMPS) was introduced in England and Wales back in April of 2014. This scheme allows mesothelioma suffers and their dependents to claim for higher sums of mesothelioma compensation, […]

Posted on 07th August 2019 Read More >

Successful lung cancer compensation claim following asbestos exposure

We have recently settled a claim for a client who suffered significant exposure to asbestos whilst working for Cape Asbestos in their Factory at Acre Mill in Hebden Bridge. Weaving asbestos Mrs L was employed […]

Posted on 26th July 2019 Read More >

£70,000 recovered in pleural thickening compensation

We are pleased to report that we have recently recovered £70,000 for Mr B, who has sadly been diagnosed with asbestos-related pleural thickening resulting in breathlessness. Read on to learn more about his case. Work […]

Posted on 23rd July 2019 Read More >

£45,000 recovered in pleural thickening compensation

We are pleased to advise that we have recently been successful in a pleural thickening claim for Mr B. Asbestos exposure In approximately 1962/63 Mr B joined Darlington Insulation Co Limited, now known as Cape […]

Posted on 09th July 2019 Read More >

Mesothelioma claim won within 3 months

At Asbestos Justice, we pride ourselves on recovering maximum mesothelioma compensation for our clients as swiftly as possible. We have settled many mesothelioma claims within 2 to 3 months of receiving instructions and our asbestos […]

Posted on 07th June 2019 Read More >

Mesothelioma compensation and private treatment costs recovered

We have recently succeeded in recovering mesothelioma compensation for Mr T who was sadly diagnosed with the asbestos-related cancer in 2018. Employment History and Circumstances of Asbestos Exposure 1978/79 to 1979/80 – How Group Midlands Ltd […]

Posted on 23rd May 2019 Read More >

Success in asbestosis claim

We are pleased to report that we have recently won an asbestosis claim for Mr L who was diagnosed with the condition back in June of 2017. Asbestos exposure Mr L left school at the […]

Posted on 21st May 2019 Read More >

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