Asbestos Justice has recently negotiated a substantial compensation settlement for Mrs. H who sadly lost her husband to Mesothelioma. The only evidence of him coming into contact with asbestos centered around the time he spent working for Allied Breweries (Ind Coope Limited) in Burton-on-Trent between 1961 and 1984/85 approximately.

Contacting Ex-Workers

At the start of the case, the family did not possess any detailed evidence of asbestos exposure at the Mr. H’s place of business. We therefore acted swiftly and placed an advertisement in the local press, asking witnesses to come forward within information.

The witness evidence obtained through this channel was invaluable. We obtained statements from other workers who could recall the employee working at the brewery.

The evidence revealed that asbestos was present throughout the brewery and bottling stores during the course of the Mr. H’s period of employment with the Allied Breweries.

Shocking Asbestos Exposure at Allied Breweries

The asbestos presented itself in the form of lagging which covered steam mains, pipe work and boilers throughout the brewery. The asbestos took the form of a papier mache type covering around it and various tradesmen such as plumbers would regularly have cause to remove the material in order to attend to necessary repairs, particularly during periods of maintenance or to attend to individual maintenance tasks.

Fitters would also be involved in removing asbestos lagging throughout the course of shut down periods for example. This was where substantial periods of maintenance were completed.

Such tradesmen would use any tools they could get their hands on to hack away at the asbestos lagging which was often in a damaged, brittle state. Whenever the asbestos lagging was removed, the asbestos dust would be released into the general atmosphere which all workers, including fitters, plumbers, electricians, labourers, engineers as well as instrument mechanics could not help but inhale on a regular basis throughout the course of the working day. They would regularly be carrying out their own duties in close proximity to others who were actively removing asbestos lagging in this manner.

Further Exposure at Hodgson & Hodgson and Darlington Insulation Co Limited. 

Workers were also exposed to asbestos as a result of carrying out their duties near to laggers from independent contracting firms who came onto the brewery site to re-lag pipes and boilers. The two main firms were known as Hodgson & Hodgson and Darlington Insulation Co Limited. Their laggers would pour raw asbestos powder into a bucket to be mixed with water to create a paste like mixture which would be smothered onto pipe work with their bare hands.

As they poured the raw asbestos powder into their buckets, much asbestos dust would be released into the general atmosphere which all workers inhaled.

The asbestos dust covered the brewery and bottling stores floors and employees would walk through it regularly throughout the working day. This would cause the asbestos dust to rise up once more into their breathing zones and they inhaled the harmful fibres on an almost daily basis.

Safety Negligence

The employees were never provided with any form of respiratory protection when they attended to their duties in the 1960’s and 70’s. A mask was introduced in the 1980’s which was a similar shape to an upside down cricketer’s box which had elastic around the sides to hold it into place. It did not have battery operated filters and not all employees wore the mask as its use was not enforced. By this time, hundreds of people had been exposed to asbestos dust on a virtual daily basis throughout the course of the time they spent working for the brewery.

There was no formal extraction system within the brewery or bottling stores and therefore the asbestos fibres floated around in the general atmosphere throughout the course of the working day.

Mr. H had suffered substantial asbestos exposure over the years which sadly led to his early death due to asbestos related Mesothelioma. Thanks to the evidence obtained through newspaper advertising, his widow received a substantial sum of compensation.



“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the extremely professional, tenacious and diligent approach that you adopted throughout the course of dealing with my mother’s claim for Mesothelioma compensation, following the sad passing of my father.

When I first approached you, I was not confident that you would be able to achieve a successful outcome but I clearly underestimated your knowledge and expertise! You managed to speak to former employees who remembered working alongside my father and their evidence assisted you in establishing liability for my father’s death. To achieve this level of accountability came as some comfort to my mother and me at a very difficult time.

The level of service I received throughout the duration of the process from James Cameron at Asbestos Justice was superb. I was advised and kept informed in a friendly and professional manner every step of the way. I cannot recommend your services in this area enough.

The settlement that you have obtained has given my mother peace of mind and financial security for the remainder of her years, and for that I shall remain indebted and sincerely grateful.” 

– Mrs H, Birmingham

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