Asbestos Justice have dealt with an asbestosis claim for Mr B who was exposed to vast quantities of asbestos dust during the 1960s and 70s when working for various employers including Hopes Heating & Engineering Limited and Lynton Heating Services Limited.

Our client regularly had cause to mix asbestos powder with water to form a “papier mache” type lagging material to cover pipes and boilers when working in boiler houses as a combustion engineer. This was extremely dusty work and left him covered in asbestos dust at the end of each working day.

We successfully traced insurance for our client’s employers and will therefore be able to assist others who may have been exposed to asbestos when working for these heating companies.

In order to establish blame against companies in an asbestosis claim there is a need to prove that our client had been exposed to very high quantities of asbestos. This is often done by obtaining engineering evidence in support of the asbestosis claim. This evidence provides an estimate of the person’s overall dose of asbestos exposure throughout the course of their working life and can improve prospects of succeeding in an asbestosis claim.

However, in Mr B’s case, the evidence was so clear in showing that he was exposed to harmful quantities of asbestos; there was no requirement for engineering evidence in this particular asbestosis claim.

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