Pleural Plaques Compensation Claims

The lining of the lung is a two-layered membrane called the pleura. Pleural plaques are benign areas of fibrous thickening that occur on the membrane. Pleural plaques are the most common asbestos-related condition.

In most cases, pleural plaques do not cause any symptoms and are often only found by chance on x-rays when investigations for other health issues are undertaken. Pleural plaques generally do not carry any direct risk but they are evidence that a person has been exposed to asbestos and so should be investigated to rule out any more sinister asbestos-related diseases.

Can I claim compensation for pleural plaques?

You cannot claim compensation for pleural plaques if you do not suffer with any symptoms caused by them. The majority of people with pleural plaques will not suffer with any symptoms and will be able to continue going about their lives as normal.

For the few with pleural plaques that do suffer with symptoms, such as breathing problems, you may be able to claim compensation. If it can be shown that your pleural plaques are extensive and responsible for causing a restrictive defect on your lung function, our specialist asbestos solicitors may be able to help.

If you were exposed to asbestos in Scotland and you have pleural plaques, you can claim compensation. However, you would need to speak to a specialist asbestos solicitor in Scotland as the law differs to that in England and Wales.

Do you have a restrictive defect on your lung function?

To find out if you are suffering with a restrictive defect on your lung function you will need to have full lung function tests carried out. If you have not already had these, your GP should be able to refer you for them at your local hospital.

Once you have had lung function tests we can obtain your medical records, including the lung function test results, and review these to see if there is the basis of a claim. In some cases we may need to send your lung function test results to an expert respiratory consultant for a preliminary opinion to see if they would be able to support your claim for compensation.

Alternatively, you can request sight of your own medical records free of charge, quoting the General Data Protection Regulations of 2018 and arrange for the notes to be forwarded to our specialist asbestos disease solicitors for review.

Why do you need to know my employment history?

A huge part of any asbestos compensation claim is the employment history as most people have suffered their exposure to asbestos at work. At the start of a potential claim our expert, specialist asbestos disease solicitors will ask you for your employment history. They will ask you for the approximate dates you worked for each company that exposed you to asbestos. We will request your schedule of employment from the HMRC (Inland Revenue) which will help with this. This will detail all the tax years and companies you worked for from 1961/62, when their records began. We will then discuss with you the nature of your work with each company and how you were exposed to asbestos.  Our experience allows us to ask relevant questions to help build up your asbestos exposure evidence.

How do you trace the company and/or insurance?

As we have been doing this work for many years, we have a database of companies and insurers we have already pursued, together with Companies House and internet searches we are able to find the majority of companies we look for. Due to the often lengthy lapse in time from exposure to asbestos before a claim is made, a lot of the companies have ceased trading and in these cases we have to find insurance for the relevant period of employment. We are able to search the database at the Employers’ Liability Tracing Office and we work in league with a network of other asbestos disease solicitors and share insurance information between ourselves on a regular basis to assist sufferers and families in recovering the asbestos disease compensation they deserve.

What happens next?

Once we have confirmed that you have pleural plaques along with a restrictive defect on your lung function and we have identified the defendants and/or their insurers, we can open a file and act for you on a no win, no fee basis.

No win, no fee

We run all of our asbestos disease claims on a no win, no fee basis.

It is worth claiming for pleural plaques?

The value of pleural plaques is generally not very high, however, if you have pleural plaques with a restrictive defect and can make a claim, it is vital that you do so. There are time limits for bringing an asbestos compensation claim at Court. The time limit is three years from the date that you know or suspect you have a condition caused by your exposure to asbestos.

If you have the basis of a claim for pleural plaques, the clock starts running. If you do not pursue a claim at this time you may be prevented by the Court from bringing a claim if you were to develop a more serious asbestos condition in the future. If the claim were pursued now, a provisional settlement would be agreed, compensating you to a modest extent for the pleural plaques now but leaving the door open to claim further compensation if your  asbestos-related condition deteriorated in the future.

Why choose us?

We are not a large, faceless organisation. Our small, dedicated team strive to provide a personal service to each and every one of our clients. You will speak to an expert asbestos disease specialist from day one.

Many companies will not take on pleural plaques claims, even when there is a restriction on a person’s lung function. They do not realise that these can be valid claims if the plaques are extensive. We have successfully pursued pleural plaques claims, not only recovering compensation for our clients now, but also leaving the door open for clients to claim further compensation, should their condition deteriorate in the future.

It is vital that you instruct a solicitor who is a specialist in asbestos disease compensation. This is a niche area of law and our small team has a combined experience of over 30 years.

We pride ourselves on our exemplary client service, Don’t just take our word for it, you can read reviews from people we have already helped here.

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