Mesothelioma Compensation Claims

Mesothelioma is an extremely aggressive cancer affecting the lining of the surface of the body’s organs. It most commonly affects the pleura which is the lining of the lung but can also be found in the abdomen, heart and testes.

Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to airborne asbestos dust. Unlike other asbestos related conditions, someone can develop mesothelioma after low level exposure to asbestos dust.

As with the other asbestos conditions, mesothelioma has a latency period of between 10 and 50 years. This can cause problems when trying to pursue a mesothelioma compensation claim, as in many cases the companies that caused the asbestos exposure are no longer trading.

However, this does not mean a mesothelioma claim cannot be made – you should contact our specialist team on 0800 038 6767 to see if we can help you to make a claim. Very often our specialist team can trace relevant Employers’ Liability Insurance for employers and other offending parties and look to claim mesothelioma compensation on behalf of sufferers and their families from the traced insurers.

Why choose us?

We have many years of experience dealing with hundreds of successful asbestos claims. Our solicitors aim to complete all mesothelioma compensation claims as quickly and efficiently as possible, minimising stress to our client and their family. We have a track record of regularly winning mesothelioma claims for sufferers and their families in a matter of a few months after they contact us.

Claiming for mesothelioma is not always about money but this does help to put someone’s mind at ease that their family will be looked after financially. The mesothelioma claims process also ensures that companies or their insurers are held to account for the pain and suffering that you or a loved one has endured because of mesothelioma.

Sadly, we hear all too often about people who worked hard all of their lives, only to be diagnosed with this horrendous condition. Bringing a mesothelioma claim against the company responsible can ensure accountability. These funds can then be available to help pay for care and private treatment.

We take pride in providing superb service to all our clients. You can read 5 star reviews from our past clients here to find out what they really thought of our service.

Compensation for mesothelioma

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, we may be able to help you claim compensation. We can also assist you in claiming any government benefits that you are eligible for. We detail some of the steps we take during a claim below.

  • Confirm your diagnosis

    The first step in making a claim is to confirm your diagnosis. Your treating medical team should be able to provide you with a letter which confirms your diagnosis. Don’t worry if they haven’t – we can obtain your full medical records. This will confirm all of the medical investigations you have had, along with providing details of your diagnosis.

  • Identify possible defendants
    • For a mesothelioma compensation claim to be successful we need to identify who to bring the claim against. Our experienced, specialist team of asbestos disease solicitors will go through your employment history and help you identify any companies that may have exposed you to asbestos. We only need to identify one defendant to succeed in a claim for this condition, as mesothelioma claims are payable in full by an offending party.
    • To start with we just need the approximate years you worked for a company, along with the company name and details of how you were exposed to asbestos. As part of the claim we will obtain your HMRC schedule of employment which will detail any employers you have worked for since 1961/62 (when the National Insurance records began) so don’t worry if you cannot be exact on the years or the names.
    • When we have identified all of the possible defendants, our expert team will carry out research into each company to find the company to sue or insurance for the period you worked for them.
    • You may have suffered your exposure to asbestos outside of work, perhaps when walking near to asbestos factories or when being near to others whose work clothes had been contaminated with asbestos dust. We have succeeded in many so called “secondary exposure” mesothelioma claims for clients and their families.

Once we have a company or insurer to bring a claim against, we will send out paperwork to sign you up as a client. Our specialist asbestos solicitors will talk you through the documents over the phone or in person if you would prefer a home visit. All claims are dealt with on a no win, no fee basis. We will prepare a full statement in support of your claim and this is used as the main piece of evidence in all mesothelioma claims.

Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme

In some claims we are unfortunately unable to trace a paying company or insurer and so a civil compensation claim cannot be made. However, we may be able to assist you in making a claim through the Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme (DMPS). This scheme has been set up to assist those suffering with the condition in claiming substantial sums of mesothelioma compensation, even in circumstances where companies or their insurers cannot be traced. We have an excellent track record in recovering mesothelioma compensation for clients and their families under this scheme in a matter of a few months.

What can you claim for?

In any personal injury claim there are two aspects that make up the value of the claim:

  • General damages

    This relates to the pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused by mesothelioma. As part of the claim we obtain a medical report from an expert respiratory consultant. You do not have to attend a medical appointment as the report will be based on your medical records, x-rays and scans. The medical report, along with the Judicial College Guidelines, help us to value this part of your claim.

  • Special damages

    This part of the claims relates to any other losses you have suffered due to your diagnosis of mesothelioma. These losses can include:

    • Loss of earnings (if you are/were still working at the time of your diagnosis);
    • Care and assistance, whether it be a privately paid nurse or care provided by a family member. This includes assistance with attending medical appointments, shopping, housework and gardening;
    • Private treatment costs, including immunotherapy;
    • Adaptation costs, including stair lifts;
    • Travel expenses, including travel to and from medical appointments.

To assist in making the special damages claim you should make a note of any care and assistance provided. You should also keep hold of all receipts for anything you have to buy due to your mesothelioma diagnosis, and make a note of all journeys including the mileage or taxi receipts for appointments.

No win, no fee

All of our mesothelioma compensation claims are made on a no win, no fee basis. If we are not successful in your claim you pay nothing and we do not recover any costs for our work. If we are successful in your claim, you do not pay us a penny out of your compensation recovered in a legal claim as we recover our costs from the defendant or their insurers.

We guarantee that you will keep 100% of the compensation recovered in a civil mesothelioma compensation claim.

How can we help?

If you would like to discuss a potential mesothelioma claim with us or if you have any questions about the claims process, contact us for free today on 0800 038 6767. We offer free advice and our friendly specialist asbestos disease solicitors will be happy to take your call. You can also contact us through our livechat below, or by filling in our contact form.

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