Asbestos Justice has recently recovered mesothelioma compensation a client following his April 2015 diagnosis, in record time.

Our client is a retired wire man and telephone engineer and was sadly diagnosed with incurable asbestos related mesothelioma after undergoing investigations at hospital during April of 2015 and suffered regular exposure to asbestos dust when working for The Reliance Telephone Company Limited, later known as Reliance Systems Limited. The company was a subsidiary of The General Electric Co Limited.

He approached Asbestos Justice shortly following his diagnosis and stated:-

“My diagnosis came as such a terrible shock to my family and I. After some consideration I decided against undergoing chemotherapy treatment which I am told would bring its own side effects but have undergone regular pleural drainage procedures which have thankfully helped in alleviating some of my symptoms caused by the condition.

My treating medical team has provided me with first class care and I needed an experienced, expert, asbestos disease solicitor to take on my case to treat my legal claim with the same level of professionalism. I contacted Asbestos Justice and their solicitor, Mr James Cameron visited me at my home shortly after contact. We spent time going through my work history and he prepared a detailed statement in support of my claim for mesothelioma compensation the next day. I could see that the claim was going to be run with speed and vigour and Mr Cameron promised me that he would do all that he could to settle my claim as soon as possible”

Our client was exposed to asbestos at various sites when working for Reliance in the South Wales area including, the Monsanto Chemical Plant, throughout the course of my time with Reliance and worked at various sites for the company including Merthyr General hospital, St Tydfil’s hospital in Merthyr, the Prince Charles hospital, the Netherhall hospital Morriston hospital in Swansea, the NCB’s Phurnacite plant in Aberaman, Crown Fuel in Cardiff, Coyedley Coke Work and a benzon plant in Trethomas, ICI in Pontypool, Fram Filters in Llantrisant amongst many others.

He regularly worked near to laggers who were in the process of removing thick asbestos lagging to and form pipework at the various sites. He described the air as being thick with asbestos dust which covered his work clothes, hair and skin by the end of the working day. He also brushed past asbestos lagged pipes regularly when attending to his own work as a wireman.

Our client’s story is typical of so many hard working people who came to be exposed to asbestos dust in their work without ever being provided with any warnings of the dangers. The company failed to provide him with any breathing equipment to guard against the risk of him breathing in the harmful fibres.

James Cameron, solicitor at Asbestos Justice stated:-

“It was an honour to meet my client at his home after he made initial contact. I made it my mission to ensure that I succeeded in his claim as quickly as possible and  said that I would do my best to resolve his claim within a couple of months all going well. Focusing on a timeframe for completing a case assists me in achieving swift results for my clients.”

Whilst many asbestos disease claims involve complexities, in cases involving mesothelioma where a person has been exposed to asbestos dust after 1965, cases are eminently capable of being resolved in a short period of time. Much depends on how the Defendant’s insurers or representatives approach such claims but providing each party deals with the case efficiently, early settlements can be secured.

Our client stated,

“After being diagnosed I had no idea that I would have a right to claim for mesothelioma compensation. I read Mr Cameron’s literature and was impressed with what his firm had to offer. I felt safe in his hands and was grateful to him for visiting me and for providing me with an estimate for concluding my case as it was important to me to conclude the legal action quickly.”

Thankfully, our client’s case was run smoothly without any problems. After Asbestos Justice traced insurance for his former, now defunct employer, a letter setting out the allegations against their insured was sent to them for review. Medical evidence was obtained in support of his mesothelioma claim which confirmed that his condition was caused by his previous history of exposure when working for Reliance. As a result of working on the claim on a daily basis virtually, it was possible to conclude his  claim in just over 2 months.

Our client added,

“I could not believe how quickly Mr Cameron and his team dealt with my case. He was true to his word in promising that he would do all that he could to secure my compensation swiftly. He secured a very high sum of compensation for me which will assist my wife and I greatly. In my many years in industry I have dealt with many legal practitioners, none of which have impressed me as much as Mr Cameron. His focus and commitment to my case was of the highest order and I cannot recommend him and his firm to others in my position enough. ”

James Cameron stated,

“I suppose this case is an example of how quickly a mesothelioma claim can be resolved with hard work being completed on both parties’ sides. I was delighted to secure his compensation for him in record time. It was also vital to hold his former employer and their insurers to account for his suffering.  We certainly made a good team!”.

If you require assistance in pursuing a mesothelioma claim please contact us today on our freephone number 0800 038 6767. Alternatively, head over to the ‘Contact Us’ page, complete the form and we will be in touch.

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