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Mesothelioma in young adults

Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related conditions are often seen as diseases which affect older people. In the past the statistics have supported this view. This is because the jobs that exposed people to asbestos were male-dominated. […]

Posted on 14th June 2018 Read More >

How can you stay active after a mesothelioma diagnosis?

The benefits of staying active are well documented. People who do not exercise (have a sedentary lifestyle) can suffer from lower moods, lethargy and increased health problems. In everyday life it is important to try […]

Posted on 08th June 2018 Read More >

Firm fined for faking documents to obtain asbestos licence

A company contracted to remove asbestos from a Manchester re-development faked documents to obtain a work license. Excavation and Contracting (UK) were employed to remove deadly asbestos from Manchester Hall. However, it was later discovered that […]

Posted on 05th June 2018 Read More >

New pill could help to diagnose mesothelioma

Researchers at the University of Michigan are developing a pill that could help to diagnose asbestos-related mesothelioma. So far, the pill has only been tested on mice with breast cancer tumours but the results have […]

Posted on 30th May 2018 Read More >

What not to eat when fighting mesothelioma

A diagnosis of mesothelioma can be devastating and the emotional turmoil, disease symptoms, and treatments can lead to a lack of appetite. However, it is important that sufferers maintain a healthy weight and are well-nourished […]

Posted on 25th May 2018 Read More >

Success! We have achieved victory in another asbestosis claim

We are happy to have successfully recovered asbestosis compensation for Mr W, who was diagnosed with asbestosis in early 2016 after suffering from breathing problems for a number of years. Asbestosis can only be caused […]

Posted on 22nd May 2018 Read More >

Could electrical field treatment offer new hope to mesothelioma sufferers?

An oncology treatment company, Novocure, which treats tumours using electrical fields, has announced positive results from their STELLAR Trial phase 2 pilot scheme. The trial is being used to assess the efficiency and safety of […]

Posted on 16th May 2018 Read More >

Asbestos Disease Claims Conference – 12 Kings Bench Walk Chambers – Manchester

On 11th January 2018, I attended the above course at the opulent, Great John Street Hotel in Manchester. The course was well attended and was insightful to say the least in discussing current hot topics […]

Posted on 08th May 2018 Read More >

Heynike – Important High Court Decision

The recent court decision in the case of Mrs Francois Maartens Heynike (Executor to the Estate of Mr. David Hill, deceased) v 00222648 Limited (formerly Birlec Limited) (1) Ministry of Defence (2) Special Metals Wiggin […]

Posted on 03rd May 2018 Read More >

My Employer no longer trades, can I still claim asbestos compensation for mesothelioma?

One of our recent cases continues to dispel the myth that you cannot pursue a case if the company is no longer trading. This myth often needlessly troubles people diagnosed with asbestos-related mesothelioma. However, rest […]

Posted on 01st May 2018 Read More >

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